Jeff Reams, the minister of missions for Dunwoody Baptist Church in Dunwoody, GA, shared his experience fostering with FaithBridge. In his own words… 

Why foster care?

I’ll never forget the day when the email arrived in my inbox.

“You’ve been approved,” it read.

Normally an approval for something is a cause for celebration. But when I read those words I had a different reaction. I froze.

This is for real. We’re going to be foster parents. What are we getting into?

All those questions my wife and I had answered months before suddenly came rushing back to mind. I had to remember why we were doing this.

Three weeks after that email, when we got our first placement, I was reminded with the face of a child.

Sure it wouldn’t be easy. But most things worth doing aren’t easy. God calls his people to an inconvenient life. He took on our suffering and pain to change our life trajectories, so likewise He calls his people to take on the pain of children who need love to change theirs.

Seven months later, our family is filled with laughter, joy and growth. We know we are part of something big in the life of this child and perhaps others. And that’s cause for celebration.

Why FaithBridge?

Of all the options available, our church originally set out to work directly with our local county, but early on we realized that the county did not have the resources to support our foster families. They worked hard and did their best, but we knew that ongoing support would be vital for families in our congregation to keep fostering.

Immediately, we were impressed with FaithBridge’s Community of CareSM model. This would not only provide the support foster families would need but also equip people to serve in other ways.

We were also impressed with the genuine concern of the leaders for foster families. Every person we know, especially the family consultant, cares for children and our foster families.


As foster parents we have experienced this concern personally. Our family consultant is consistently available. She has been to our home, babysat, given advice at all hours and helped us make travel arrangements. She has been a constant as our social worker has changed.

Lastly, as a minister, I am thankful knowing our foster families are in great hands. This makes it that much easier to invite other families to open their hearts and homes to children who need love.