Sometimes when you see someone you know personally doing something you thought you couldn’t do or hadn’t thought of doing, you think to yourself that perhaps it is possible.

That’s what Pastor Curtis Geary of Rhema Community Church in Brunswick, Georgia, experienced when he saw two families he knew who were fostering with FaithBridge through their own churches in Glynn County.

New RCC LogoFaithBridge quickly caught his attention, too, and now Rhema Community Church is launching their foster care ministry through FaithBridge Glynn on Sunday, April 24.

“I love the Christian approach about how they get the entire church involved,” said Pastor Curtis. “It’s not just one family. Everyone’s not called to be a foster parent, but you can help. It’s a biblical mandate to care for the orphan. It gets the entire church involved.”

And he takes getting involved personally. Pastor Curtis and his wife, Jill, are in the process of becoming foster parents. They are also in the process of forming their ministry team and recruiting respite parents and volunteers.

“I don’t want to just create a program,” said Pastor Curtis. “It has to be a burden on your heart, and it has to start from the top. We’re going to put our hearts, our lives and our families out on the line. This is how much we care. . We’re going to make this sacrifice…but it’s really not a sacrifice. It’s being obedient to what God is placing in our hearts to care for these children. We’re saying, ‘church, we need help in this, too.’ It gets people involved in people lives, not just a program. The restoration of the family unit as God designed it to be.”

His church is quickly following his lead. Their ministry team is a combination of people from all different life stages and places. From an elder on the board to a recent high school graduate, they are all working together to see how they can care for foster children and families in their own community along with FaithBridge.

“There’s a huge need in this community, probably in every community,” said Pastor Curtis. “FaithBridge has a vehicle already in place with a proven track record. It’s a ministry not just to the children but to the family as a whole. The goal is to restore the family unit as God intended it, and that’s exciting!”

He’s also excited about what God might do in his own family as they foster. They will, of course, be approved for a certain number of children and a certain age, but they’re allowing that to be a large window, as many children as the state approves and God brings and all children of nearly all ages. There are many older children and siblings in care, so it’s a great way to specifically serve the foster care community in Glynn County.

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” said Pastor Curtis. “Find out where God’s working and join in.”

And joining God’s heart to care for orphans is exactly what Rhema Community Church is doing right in their own community. If you’d like to learn more about foster care and become involved with the ministry at Rhema Community Church, click here to sign up for Encounter, FaithBridge’s information session, on Sunday, April 24.